Author: Dr. Niraj Kumar

Winning Ensemble Classification Strategies

With the increase in the complexity of data, and to fulfill the accuracy-related requirements, people started preferring ensemble classifiers. However, the selection of ensemble classifiers is not that easy. We have a lot of ensemble strategies, like: (1) Model Averaging, (2) Weighted Model Averaging, (3) Majority Voting, (4) Bagging, (5) Boosting, (6) Stacking, (7) Blending,

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How to use LSTM with 1D, 2D and 3D Array?

Actually LSTM supports three-dimensional input. They are – (samples, time steps, features) Samples. One complete sequence is considered as one sample. A batch may contains one or more samples. In NLP, if we are dealing with the text at sentence level (means taking one sentence at a time), then our sample size will be one.

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Multi-Tasking Deep Learning

We can divide the Multi-task learning into four layers. Here Shared layer learns jointly learns important features from text input and plays a very important role. Finally, Task-Layer uses this jointly learned features for different task specific predictions. However, in complex Multi-Task learning, the Task layer can use additional features (additional to that learned from

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