Deep Learning (Video Book by Me)

This site is dedicated to the simplest video tutorials on Deep Learning. My aim is to prepare a free & interactive video book on Deep Learning. I have used my knowledge and experience to prepare these tutorials. All feedback and suggestions are welcome (email me at or

As, scientific development is an endless process, so I will keep updating it. Clicking on the link will drive you to the YouTube page for related content. Or You can use the link:

Deep Learning

1. Deep Learning Basics (Gradient Descent)

2. Deep Learning Basics (Optimizers)

3. Deep Learning Cost Functions

4. Regularization in Deep Learning

5. CNN (Convolutional Neural Networks)

6. Deep Learning using Deep Neural Network

7. Word2Vec Systems (CBOW)

8. Word2Vec Systems (SKIP GRAM)

9. Deep Learning using Recurrent Neural Network

10. LSTM (Long Short Term Memory)

11. Language Model and Deep Learning

12. Attention-Based Models

13. Transformer Model in NLP

14. BERT Models for NLP

15. XLNet Models for NLP

16. Transfer Learning

17. Restricted Boltzmann Machine

18. Deep Learning using Deep Belief Network

19. Logistic Regression

20. Graph Neural Networks

21. Transformer to Transformer-RNN/T2RNN